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Paving Stone

Crosscut Stones

We are making available high quality and fine finished stones that are ideal for pavings. These paving stones are skillfully cut and polished, that ultimately adds desirable look to the range.

Circles Stone

Crosscut Stones

Adding attractive look to the exteriors of homes, offices and other establishments, our range of sandstone circles are available in different sizes and patterns. These stones are available at economical a rate, that suits our clients budgets.

Wall Copping

Crosscut Stones

We carry a variety of wall copings in natural stone. Copping stone is a stone placed at the top of the wall to serve as a cover for the wall. The type of stone coping used on walls varies from area to area and often from wall to wall. They are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colors. The shapes and sizes of these all vary from batch to batch.


Crosscut Stones

Natural Stone Steps are a beautiful addition to any landscaping project and these steps are weather proof and can be easily used. There a number of colors to choose from and are available in different size, height, and width.

Pier Caps

Crosscut Stones

Pier caps are built to support other structures, usually a wall or pillar and because of their supporting role are naturally robust. Understated, with a simple decorative cap and overstated with many additional levels of stone, piers give the chance for very imaginative minds to design individuality into a project


Crosscut Stones

The garden fountains are unique accessories that lend an altogether a different look and feel to the garden. Depending on the size of the garden, the intricately carved fountains are available in almost all sizes varying from large estate sized fountains to quaint cherub fountains.

Garden Ornaments & Sculptures

Crosscut Stones

The unique garden accessories change the look and the feel of the garden completely. The exquisite sandstone is used in making - garden lamps; furniture; garden troughs; statues; plinths; garden obelisks; garden miniatures; each of which captures the attention of the onlookers...View Now